Living Room Decoration Ideas for Condos

Ideas for Condos

Condos are a popular choice for homeowners as well as renters who do not need or want so much space as well as the landscape that needs to be taken care of. Condos tend to be smaller compared to the detached homes, and they can be quite challenging when it comes to decoration. The small size of condos should also be considered when you have to decide about the furnishings that you will be using in the living room of your Birmingham AL apartments. However, small does not necessarily mean uninviting and cramped. Some sacrifices will be needed, but you can very much end up with a living room that looks stunning despite all its space limitations.

So, the first rule is making sacrifices. You should make sure that only those knickknacks are displayed that are important for you. A couple of attractive items can create a massive impact rather than having cluttered tabletop and, in return, your living space will also appear a lot bigger.

Choose neutral and light shades for painting the walls of the apartment. Paint can be your cheapest and easiest option for turning your small, cramped space into a living room that feels all the more spacious. Some calming effect can be achieved by selecting the blue-gray color, or you can have a cozy, warm feel by opting for pale yellow.

When decorating your living space in small Birmingham AL apartments for rent, you should opt for furniture items that have small scaling. The idea simply translates into armless sofas or apartment chairs rather than love seats. Do not opt for coffee tables which you can compensate by opting for a couple of sides tables that can be used as your coffee table whenever the need be. You can also utilize an ottoman which you can use for storing different items like DVDs and magazines which are usually spread around your living space.

It is also advisable to invest in a couple of small-sized area rugs that you can use in your living space instead of a single big rug. It will also be helpful in making space look bigger.

When decorating small living spaces in rental apartments in Birmingham, make sure walls are utilized to their full potential. Rather than investing in that big bookshelf, you should hang some floating shelves and use them for storing everything from small knickknacks to the books you love to read. The walls can be used for mounting your flat-screen TV, and it will eliminate the need for that massive entertainment center.

Use mirrors for brightening up space. They make space look open and big. Also, use simple window treatments for making sure that maximum light is allowed to get inside the room.

Also, visit some model condo that may be present in your apartment complex to find some good and creative ideas that you can implement as well.