Learn to Make the Apartment Feel Bigger

Feel Bigger

A lot of people cannot afford big apartments though they dream about them. But, in reality, they have to live in the small studio apartment or have to share the apartment with other roommates. They cannot spend all of their money on rents of big apartments as they have to save for their apartment as well. But this does not suggest that they cannot enjoy the feel of big apartments for rent. Following hacks will help in making the apartments feel big.

Have you studied the chapter of light in science class? It’s time to use that. As the light colors have the tendency to reflect light while dark colors absorb them, begin to decorate the small Birmingham al apartments for rent with light colors. These colors will reflect the light and would create a bigger feel. Not only paint can help in this regard, rugs, curtains, art and even furniture of light colors can help too.

Lighting can also play a significant role in creating an illusion of a bigger room. It is recommended by the interior designers that one should use at least three sources of light in a room to make it feel big. Lighting should be used in defined areas; overhead lighting can sometimes be very fussy. Try to arrange a triangle pattern with the lighting. This will push back the walls and generate a great pool of light in your small apartment.

The movement of light can be made better with the help of transparent furniture. If it is decided that the renter has to live in small apartments for a longer period, then it, is better to invest in transparent furnitures like glass tables or transparent plastic chairs. Due to advancements in interior designing, they are easily available and can help a lot in creating the bigger impact of the apartment.

Furthermore, mirrors can also be used to feel spacious in rentals in Birmingham AL. They are great in the tight and dark areas of the apartment. Not only can you use hanging or framed mirrors but it is also possible to incorporate them in the furniture. Full-size standing mirrors are also very beneficial.

Another idea which can be very effective is to decorate the apartment in a way that it takes the eyes upward. This will create a taller feel. This can be done by having the racks near the ceiling. It is not necessary to put those things on them which are used on daily basis. Put mirrors or vases in them and enjoy the bigger feel.

Sometimes, doors of closets can create the cozy look, but they may also hinder the setting. So if you don’t like to have them, just take them away. If you’re organized enough, then he can just leave the closet open but if you do not then use curtains to hide the mess.