Extra Space Storage Tampa Companies That Offer Discounts

Saving money with a storage facility is not as easy as it once was. Part of the problem has to do with how many that there are. They already know that people are going to use their services, and this has become very popular with people today. Instead of selling these items, and getting money for them, they would prefer keeping them at a storage facility. In many cases, you will not be able to find one unit that is available. Fortunately, because you are in Tampa, you will have access to multitudes of storage sites. They are constantly making more because they need to fill the demand. You can find extra space storage Tampa facilities quickly on the web using either your smart phone or your PC at home.

How Much Room Do You Need?

Although you might imagine that there are only a limited number of them, that does not mean that there are only two or three sizes. For example, the small ones are going to be 5′ x 5′. You can get medium sized ones that are 10′ x 10′, you can get even larger ones that are 20′ x 10′ or 30′ x 10′, depending upon your needs. If you can find several of these businesses, you must first ask about availability. You may be able to log into their website and look at a real time display. These are very unique because there will be an indication as to which units are available, telling you not only their size, but how much it is going to cost.

How Do You Rent One Of These?

You can rent one of these very quickly on the Internet, but you can still call on the phone. They will have the same information in front of them, and if you would prefer giving your credit card information over the phone instead, they can take your payment right away. The amount of money is going to differ between each company. For example, you will pay anywhere between $50 a month to $100 a month for some of the smaller units. This is going to be much more expensive, in some cases, if you are getting a climate controlled storage unit. Larger units are going to cost well over $200 a month, so keep that in mind as you are deciding on which one will be best for your situation.

How To Make Sure You Get The Best Deal

The best deals tend to come from new companies, or older more established companies that may have just added on new units. The goal of every storage facility is to rent them out to maximum capacity, meaning there should be nothing left to rent out. If you can find some that are available, you need to get them as soon as you can. They tend to be only available for a couple of days. Some of them will be gone within hours of posting them on the web, and that is why these businesses are so successful.

Extra space storage Tampa companies are constantly advertising, although there are some that don’t need to because they have rented out everything. If you are fortunate enough to find companies that have them, and even those that are running specials on the monthly rates, take advantage of those as soon as you find them. You will soon have more space in your home, garage, or even in your outbuildings once you have placed all of this merchandise in your self storage unit.